Corona Virus Checklist

Checklist – Implementation during “Corona Virus” Steps to Thrive Version I

Morning “Work-out” – interactive via “zoom”
Mid-Day “Leadership” Lesson
Full Class-Schedule LIVE via Zoom – Interactive.
Have Over-Communicated with All Students about Zoom Access, Schedule, Opportunities
Priority Mail Letter X 2 with “Full Virtual Letter”
Multiple Postcards Mailed RE “Full Virtual Schedule”
Daily Emails (multiple) RE Daily Class Schedule + Zoom Link
Text 15 Minutes Prior to Class with Zoom Link
Have PERSONALLY talked to Each Student By Phone about the schedule
Online Resources and Training (See RevMarketing System or, Google Classroom) Tracking lessons. Give them new assignments daily. Track participation.
New Textbook (Character, Leadership) Book Distributed to all Students. For Instance – 7 Habits, “Grit”, Psychology of Winning)
Home Training Aid (striking target) given to all students
Links with Wavemaster and other home training aids with a suggestion that they may want to order (Century’s doing free shipping)
Staying 100% on top of attendance. Attendance calls UTD – 95% Participation each week. Send personal notes, call & text after ANY Missed Class. Work to get your average student participation to 4 or more times per week.
Do NOT Cancel ANY Student Agreements.
Do NOT communicate with any student about cancellations or holds VIA Email – a shift to Phone or Video Conference.
Do Make sure your school’s phones are answered 24/7 LIVE
Any and All Signage on the School MUST Be – We’re Open – ONLINE! 2 Free Weeks and Free Uniform of Virtual Classes – Call: xxx-xxx-xxxx
Do Communicate with ALL Students about adding 2 Free Months for Each month of Primarily or Mostly “Virtual Classes”
MASSIVELY Ramp up Service – Students need to see MORE Progress than before.

Next up – April 1 – May 15th. MASSIVE RENEWAL BLITZ.
(A-Z Discussion on our “All Hands” meetings)

Set Personal Progress Updates (by Zoom) with EVERY Student on Basic or, on Black Belt Club.
Hit EVERY Step on our Renewal Cycle – See the Disney Meetings or, the Estes Park Meetings for Review. Order Black Belts for Everyone (Mail or School Pick-up) – Have the Post Photos in Black Belt. Share “What Martial Arts Has Done for Me” Essays or, Massive Testimonials. (Zoom’s an easy platform to use for recording video + MP3+ Transcription to do an interview with Black Belts and Black Belts with their Kids to create testimonials) (Leo did 10 Renewals Last Week via Personal Progress Checks on Zoom) – Olga did one during belt pick-up a couple of days ago

(this stuff is working better than ever!)

Communicate with all Elementary and Middle Schools (Principals, Teachers, Administrators) RE the Free Month + Uniform Offer.
Communicate with all of your Area Churches about the Free Virtual Lessons
Communicate with Daycares and other similar businesses about the Free Virtual Offer.
Advertise on PeachJar (Email System that goes to local school systems students)
Pull the Trigger on ValPak, MoneyMailer, RetailMeNot, and Targeted Direct Mail to your area with Virtual Free Trial Offer. (as long as you can get it out in April/May.)
MASSIVE Publicity Efforts RE Virtual Classes & Free Offer (TV, Newspaper, Radio)
Track Down the Right Individual at each local Television, Radio Station, Newspaper, PRWeb
Distribute All Over the Internet. Local Parenting Groups, School Groups, etc.
Push out to ALL of Your Students – Ask them to distribute through their company, school, church, organization
Marketing Aggressively to your Prospect & Inactive Lists.
Postcards: (or, other suppliers)
Letters Handymail
Broadcast Text –
Broadcast Voice Mail
Email: (Aweber, Constant Contact, Mail Chimp)
Put a Staff member on the Phone Calling Each One
(call, vm, text, email. CTE)
Aggressively RAMP Up your Facebook Marketing – It’s working very well
through Elite Digital. (Amanda Olson, for instance, 50+ Intros in the past week, mostly from Facebook.)

Elite Digital: Kate Gaudet contact info – or join the Facebook Ads Program –

Massive Efforts for Search Engine Placement – Certainly to include – Posting all class recordings in your Website + YourTube + Facebook. Posting Introductory offers and special events in EventBrite – Focus on your Blog and get new material there every day. (See RevMarketing/Go2Karate)

Ramp up your Pay-Per-Click purchases – Make sure all include “Virtual Lessons” – you can experiment with various offers – but the usual Two Free Weeks of Virtual Lessons+ Free Uniform Offer is working.

Pizza Parties, Birthday Parties, Buddy Days & Weeks, Spirit Weeks, Special Focused Events

Miscellaneous Opportunities:

Apply for Paycheck Protection Plan ( 2 months payroll + overhead) – Chris Hurn

Negotiate HARD with your Landlord. Send just NNN VIA FEDEX (not email) to
Decision Maker (not property manager your can CC via Fedex them as well.) Stand your ground. Don’t chase them down. Pay the NNN with Letter and wait.

Zoom Tips:

1. Enable Waiting Room.
2. Use Password
3. Turn off Chat.
4. Turn off: 1 to 1 Chat
5. Turn on: Host-only can Screen Share
6. Tun on: Mute participants upon Entry
7. Turn off: Join before Host
8. Turn off Play Sound when participants join or leave”
9. Turn on: Allow Host to Put Attendee on Hold
10. Turn-on: Allow Host to add Co-Hosts (two staff can mute, unmute, etc)
11. Turn-Off: Experience Feedback Survey
12. Turn-Off: Feedback to Zoom
13. Turn-On: Embed Password in Link
14. Don’t post the access link or password on any Social Media, Open Website, or any other publicly accessible location. Don’t automatically send a link from opt-in pages, autoresponders, or EventBrite.

Do –
A. REQUIRE All Participants to Include Full Name (First – Last) and, Rank as their description.
B. REQUIRE All Participants to Wear their standard Uniform & Belt.
C. Encourage – Parents & Siblings to Participate
D. Take Roll – Mark ID Cards – Update Stripes.
E. Do continue and accelerate all Character Worksheets, Homework sheets, etc.
F. Award Stripes (Mail Weekly or Pick-up at School)
G. Keep Stripe and Belt Testings on Track. You can do Breakout Rooms during class or, schedule small group testings at a separate time.
H. Keep 1st & 2nd Year (at least) Belt Graduations on Track (Mail or Pick-Up at School)

There are additional security settings that you may want to explore. Be careful that you don’t make it too complicated and discourage students from participating.

Introductory Process VIA Zoom.

Option 1: Small Group 1st Introductory Class. Run A-Z EXACTLY as you would do in the school face-to-face. Any handouts you would give – you can create a webpage (see: & lesson) or, you can email them a PDF.

Schedule for the 2nd Lesson in Group Class + Personal Progress Update with Zoom one approach would be to call them, via phone walk them into the “Zoom Room” and get them engaged in the group class. Tell them to watch for an invitation to the “Breakout Room” that you’ll have them come to a separate room. You can help with some of the techniques, then go through “Pre-Qualification” and if appropriate, Evaluation and Enrollment.

Option 2. All of the above but, set the 2nd Lesson as a Private Lesson & Evaluation/Enrollment. Invite to Join into a Basic Class between the first and second lesson.

Option 3. Adult or, if all decision-makers present. You can do a Private 1st Intro + Tour then transition into Pre-Qualification, and if Appropriate Evaluation & Enrollment.


A. You will likely be able to do fewer enrollments in a class time via Zoom than live until you’ve had a fair amount of practice. So schedule yourself a bit lighter.

B. Do FULL 12-month trial enrollment. Normal Downpayment – Normal Monthly Payment. (it’s normally $800 initially, we give you a $400 discount if you finalize the enrollment + first month) You can also add – additionally for every month that we are doing mostly or exclusively “Virtual Lessons” we’re going to add 2 Free Months to your Program (@ the end) If you want you can also use the tuition fall-back that GM Smith likes: It’s normally $347 a month, if you enroll now we’ll discount that to $297 or, it’s normally $297 if you enroll now we’ll discount that to $247)

C. Don’t change ANYTHING from your usual process other than the additional 2 months free for each 1-month additional enrollment bonus.

D. Do Award White Belt. Do Require Homework Assignments. Do share all of the information that you normally would – INCLUDING Overwhelming Proof (testimonials)

With High Volume of Introductory Traffic – Which is certainly completely doable in April & May then doing small group (10 or less) First Introductory Class – View/Participate in Group Class – Set Appointment for Evaluation/Enrollment Conference is probably the best solution to avoid anyone “falling through the cracks”

1. Short Term Enrollments
2. Discounted Enrollments (since only virtual)

1. Follow Exactly your Standard Introductory and Enrollment Process
2. Follow Exactly your Standard “Trial Enrollment – 12 month) Enrollment Process
3. Prep for Black Belt – Focus Long-Term – then “Take-Away” and do 12 months “Trial”


Every day do a MENTAL Catharsis.

Get out the Blank Legal Pad. Turn OFF Your Phone. Go Where No One with Bother or Interrupt you.

Ask Yourself – What are my Opportunities that have opened up?

Think about, contemplate, “brainstorm with yourself” – what should I be doing NOW to accelerate my progress?

Then Review:
1. All Basic Students who aren’t renewed.
2. All 1st Year Students
3. All BBC students who can be renewed.

Finally. Review through all of your staff. Who’s performing at their best, who’s not. Who needs some extra recognition or reward. Who needs to be invited to pursue a new career path. Are you over-training them? What’s missing. Who can you improve Esprit DeCorps and effective teamwork?

Remember situations like this Reveal Character. Believe what you learn.

Hope this Helps!

Stephen Oliver
Martial Arts Wealth Mastery
April 3, 2020